Welcome email good practices

As the name says, it is the email when you make a first contact with the user. Depends on this email, what impression you will make on it and how it pick up. The best to show your best side. Receives new customers is an easier part than maintaining their constant interest. Below are the 10 most important things for good practice about welcome emails that you should know.

Welcome email good practices

  1. Start a message with “thank you” and “Welcome” the new user. The use of “hello” already shows good about the company, it’s like the first conversation with a stranger. It is worth being polite if we want a longer relation. Thanks usually concern the registration of users or the addition of an email to subscribers. Make sure that the message has these two words “thank you and welcome.”

  2. A very important aspect is sending a message immediately after registration. Do not wait for a morning or a convenient hour. This is a message that confirms of any communication between the customer and the company, website, etc. The user will wait for the confirmation email, so it must be sent immediately.

  3. It is also worth including in welcome email the information that was needed during registration. If the user give a username, use it in the email. Such a personalized welcome will raise the status of your brand. Use all the information that can be precious and show the user that you care about them and that you treat everyone with respect.

  4. Do not try to write everything in the first e-mail, it is the first email that will probably not be read in full. Make sure that the content is kept to a minimum. A better solution would be to put links redirecting to information. An interesting solution is to connect the image with the links. Thanks to this, your message will be colorful and pay attention. The images immediately after the transfer move the user to the information, for example, instead of writing a long text about the company, it is enough to create a graphic with the company logo that redirects to the content. This will definitely increase the number of clicks. This is not something new, that everyone would prefer visual emails. Now everything is read with images. Not only is it more attractive, that make attention of the recipient.

  5. Something what you do not include in the first email, you can send in the next one. The first email is important, showing actions. In the second, you can write more information that will also provide information about your company in a clear and accessible way. This will show the relation of engagement with the user.

  6. It is also important to determine a connection with the user. You should try to write “you” in every email. This allows better reception. Then the attitude towards the user changes and the email is more enjoyable to read. Thanks to this, you focus on create user experience with your brand.

  7. This email must support the new user to receive further messages. The email must cause some emotions, action the user to do something. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the email design and make sure that the email looks the best it can, and displays on all devices. Each email should contain a logo along with other images about the company.

  8. In the welcome email, you have to remember what you promised to users when they register. What was the registration about and what additional benefits are there? If it is a great offer, sign it at the beginning of the e-mail, the same with rebates, etc. It is important to wrote the truth.

  9. In addition, you can think about the prize for registration, everyone likes to get gifts. Let it be something simple, which attracts the attention of the subscriber, but remember to do that promise later. Nothing annoys as much as a lie that moves into the image of the whole company.

  10. Also, make sure that new users are aware of the benefits of working with your brand. Present that they will receive emails about the brand, special discounts, etc. Notify new subscribers for further e-mail communication.

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