What you should remember while designing reset password email

Reset password emails are sent to users of your application/service on customer’s request. Such message contains instructions on how to set a new password for application/service. There are a few good practices about which you should remember while designing such a message.

Reset password good practices

While designing reset password email one should always remember about a few things:

  1. Email should always be sent from a domain of application/service from which a user resets a password.

  2. Sender, as well as title of an email, should specify directly who is the sender and that email contains instructions which are helpful with setting a new password.

  3. Email should be sent as HTML and not plain text. Every email you send is the showcase of your service/application. Remember! Fine feathers make fine birds.

  4. HTML of an email should meet proper standards and its look should be tested in various email clients. Remember: what looks good in Gmail doesn’t have to look good in Outlook.

  5. Remember that the majority of emails is currently being read on mobile phones. That’s why your message should be mobile-ready.

  6. The possibility of setting a new password should expire after 24 hours and after somebody had already used this email and set the new password.

  7. The content of the email should include clear instructions on how to set a new password. Specific information on which data should include is described below.

What should be included in reset password email

  1. The main objective of reset password email is providing help in recovering access to your service. By designing it you should include the following things:

  2. Short information on why this email has been sent, e.g. “You received this email because you requested the change of the password in ACME service.”

  3. Clear explanation on how to set the new password, usually it’s the link through which one opens the website of application, where one can set their new password. This link should be explicitly seen in the message. It’s also good to apply Button in the content of email which opens a proper link after being clicked on.

  4. Information on the fact that link of the password reset expires and when does it expire.

  5. It’s also wise to add information on how to contact the support in case of problems with setting the new email.

  6. You can also include additional information such as IP address from which the change of password or type of browser has been requested.

Tabler password reset email template

Reset password email is one of a few transactional emails you’re supposed to create for your application or service. They should be visually and brand coherent. You should also remember that each of these emails is the showcase of your application and that’s why you should provide it with proper look and test it in various email clients.

For you to focus on your application instead of developing and testing email templates we have created Tabler Email which will provide you with a set of ready to be used templates which can be easily customized according to your needs.

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