Tabler Icons

Pixel-perfect icons that match your design

Over 4150 free, open source icons designed to make your website or app attractive, visually consistent and simply beautiful.


You can use the icons as HTML images, embed them in your HTML code, create an SVG sprite or render them in React.

Multiple formats

Icons can be used in Sketch, Illustrator, XD and Figma - choose the tool you feel the most comfortable working with.


Every icon is designed on a 24x24 grid and a 2px stroke. You can easily customize them, changing the size, stroke or color.

Free and open source

Tabler Icons is a free and open source solution, which is continuously developed. Feel free to request an icon you need!

Do you need Figma plugin? No problem!

Tabler Icons offers a plugin for Figma, with which you can easily find and customize the icons you just need. You will always find the newest icons that you can quickly add to your project!