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Email about a price increase

Informing customers about a price increase is not an easy task. Your customers don't always understand that your prices can't stay the same forever and you need to raise them from time to time to ensure high quality of services.

Welcome email good practices

When you send a welcome email, you come into contact with a user of your website or your customer for the first time. That's a very important moment and you shouldn't underestimate it. Making a good first impression can have a big influence on your future relation with the person. Thanks to that, you can encourage them to become your regular customers or quite the reverse. How to make the first contact exceptional? Find out 10 good practices that will help you prepare a perfect welcome email.

User invitation email - best practices

Some websites and apps allow users to send emails to invite other people to join in. If yours is one of them, make sure your invitation email is done right, as it's more important than it may seem. For many people, opening the email will be the first time they come into contact with your app. And as you know, first impression matters. There are a few rules you should stick to, if you want your email to make a good first impression and encourage the recipients to sign up. What are they? Find out below.

Things to remember when designing a password reset email

Forgotten passwords are a common problem for all of us, especially with the number of passwords we have to memorize and different character requirements on every website. Fortunately, there's always the 'remind password' option that we can use to regain access to our account quickly and easily. A normal procedure is that once a user clicks the option, they get an email with instructions on how to reset their password. There are a few important elements that the email should contain to serve its function. What are they? Find out in the article.

How to create an HTML email

Designing and coding an attractive and mobile-ready HTML email message might seem like a difficult task. In fact, it doesn’t have to be, as long as you remember about a few basic rules. Assuming that you are familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, we’ve put the rules together. Following them will make your work much easier and the results will speak for themselves. Read the article to find out more.

How to improve your customer service with emails

Good relations with your customers are extremely important for your business. They help you increase the retention rate but also provide you with a new marketing channel - word-of-mouth marketing, which really is priceless. What good customer service consists in is efficiently transferring information that allow to solve problems. To be able to achieve this, you have to take care of how you communicate with your customers. Read the article to find some tips on how to improve your email communication, in order to take your customer service up a notch and keep your customers happy.

How to create a responsive email

It's no surprise that today most people open emails on their mobile phones, rather than using computers or laptops. It’s quick and convenient – you have access to your inbox any time you need. Having that in mind, it’s extremely important to design emails in such a way that the message is legible even on a small screen. The best way to do it is to create responsive emails. A responsive email displays correctly regardless of the screen size, so the recipient is able to read it even on a small screen of their mobile phone. Read the article to find a few tips that will help you create responsive emails.