Mar 10, 2024

Elevate Your Designs with the Tabler Icons 3.0 Update!

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Elevate Your Designs with the Tabler Icons 3.0 Update!

Dive into the latest Tabler Icons update, where over 5200 icons, dual styles, and seamless backward compatibility elevate your design possibilities. This enhancement brings unmatched flexibility and ease, empowering your digital projects like never before. Explore how these significant upgrades can refine your design process and enhance user experience across platforms.

Expanded Library: Over 5200 Icons

Our latest release more than doubles the Tabler Icons collection, offering over 5200 icons. This expansion broadens design possibilities across web, mobile, and desktop applications, ensuring you find the ideal icon for any use case.

Dual Styles: Outline and Filled

To cater to diverse design requirements, each icon now comes in two styles: outline and filled. This update allows for greater creative flexibility, letting you choose the style that best fits your project’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Backward Compatibility Through Aliases

We understand the importance of seamless updates, which is why the new icons include aliases for backward compatibility. This ensures a smooth transition to the new set without affecting the visual consistency of your existing projects.

These updates to the Tabler Icons library are designed to empower your creative process, offering a wider range of icons in versatile styles, all while ensuring easy integration into your projects. Dive into the updated Tabler Icons collection and discover how these enhancements can elevate your designs.