Email about a price increase

Informing customers about a price increase is not an easy task. Your customers don't always understand that your prices can't stay the same forever and you need to raise them from time to time to ensure high quality of services.
Email about a price increase

A good way of informing them about a price increase is sending an email. Without doubt it’s a difficult message to write so you should make sure it contains all the necessary elements and doesn’t make your customers resign from your services and turn to your competitors. In the end, you don’t want to lose them. How to create a successful email about a price increase and not lose customers? Find out in the article.

Email about a price increase - best practices:

  1. Explain to your customers why you need to raise the prices. Communication based on honesty is fundamental for every business relation and your customers will certainly appreciate it. Remember to privide the explanation in advance. Nobody likes to be surprised by a sudden price increase so the more time your customers have to come to terms with the information, the better. Thanks to that, it will be easier for them to accept it and include the new prices in their budget.

  2. Consider offering an alternative option for a lower price. If you increase the price of your standard products or services, it might be a good idea to offer your customers an alternative, cheaper option, even if it’s not a full-package one. They will see that you’re not trying to rip them off and that you care about their budget, too. If your new prices are too high for them, maybe they’ll consider choosing the alternative, more limited option, rather then resigning from your services altogether.

  3. Make the offer more attractive by including a bonus. It’s important that your customers know that higher prices also mean top quality services. A simple trick of adding a small bonus will help them come to terms with the price increase. Choose something that will not be time-consuming for you, while being attractive for your customers. Make them think you’ve prepared something extra.

  4. Analyze customer data. Find out who the recipients are, learn about their needs and adjust the price accordingly. Once you inform customers about the price increase, analyze their reactions to find out how satisfied they are with your products or services. Based on that, you can prepare customized offers and discounts in the future, to further increase their satisfaction.

What to remember about when writing an email about a price increase?

  1. Include the topic of the email in the header and present the most important changes with a price lists further in the email content. Trying to hide the changes is something your customers will certainly not like.

  2. Plan in advance who the sender of the email will be. Is it best if the message is sent by the company CEO or should it rather be sent by a representative that your customers are in touch with? You know them best. Remember that the sender is just as important as the content of the message.

  3. Send one more email a day before the price increase to remind your customers and give them an opportunity to accept it or resign. They will certainly appreciate that you care about them as your clients.

  4. Advertise the new offer in a simple way. Show the benefits that your customers will get and present them in an attractive way.

  5. Suggest that your customers can get in touch and talk about the options they have. Encourage them to ask questions about your new offer or provide a contact number. Reply to every email. Thanks to that, you will be regarded as reliable and users will see that you care about them and want to continue the business relation.

Although an email about a price increase is one of the most difficult messages to write, if you’re planning to review your price list, you have to inform your customers about it. The worst you can do is raise your prices without notifying them in advance. Prepare for that beforehand and you’ll see it’s not so bad after all. In the end, if your customers value your services, they will understand your point of view. With the above tips, you’ll know exactly what to take into account when creating the email.

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